The Time is Now

The Tides are Turning

CPS Corruption is at an all time high all across the United States. Parents and children across the country are calling out the abuses of CPS. For too long, the American people have forgotten that the power is vested to "we the people" by the United States Constitution. Be part of the change. If you or your family has been impacted by CPS corruption and abuse, it's time to speak up. It takes the every day American citizen to stand up, take a stance, and demand a change. This is your chance to be part of something bigger. A RICO Investigation, if granted, will change the way CPS operates forever. It has the power to impact families that have been separated for years and families fighting the corruption on this very day. The time for fear has pass. The time for courage and bravery is now. The tides are turning, and change is happening. Americans are become more aware of the corruption and abuses by CPS and they are angry. We will not stand for this. Together we will make a difference. Together we will demand a cha

Be Part of the Change. RICO CPS.

If your family has been impacted by CPS corruption in violation of the RICO Act and the denial of your Constitutional and Civil Rights, it is time to get involved. It is time for your voice to be heard. 

Submit your RICO Request today.

RICO CPS Investigation Request Announcement

Cyndie Abcug and Olivia Pleasant make the first official announcement for the RICO CPS Investigation Request with Northwest Liberty News.