Medical Marijuana

Issues with Drug Courts


Drug courts continue to benefit monetarily from the privatized prison system across America that often sets adults and teenagers up for failure. Texas ranks among one of the highest for marijuana incarcerations in the United States. 

Medical Marijuana Legislation


In Texas, and across the United States, we are in need of medical marijuana reform that gives the rights to patients and doctors to make medical decisions that are most beneficial for them.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana


Research on medical marijuana shows higher efficacy rates in treating PTSD and reducing the size of cancer tumors than those of typically used pharmaceutical drugs. In studies, it was found that CBD alone does not reap the same medical benefits as THC. 

Current Legislation


The current legislation in Texas severely limits the access of medical marijuana to patients in need. The federal government refuses to address that marijuana was once a cash crop during early colonization and used to treat medical conditions. 

The economics of Medical Marijuana


In states where medical marijuana has been legalized, the economy has benefited greatly. We could help address the federal deficit by legalizing, regulating, and taxing marijuana. 



Please download my extensive research paper on medical marijuana to understand how prohibition truly began, why it never should have occurred, and how the relegalization could benefit the state, the country, and our citizens.