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Interview with VLTV Regarding the FFPA and CPS Corruption

Interview conducted with VLTV regarding CPS corruption nationwide  

Interview with David Knight on InfoWars

Discussion with David Knight discussing CPS corruption and the family court’s system of denying due process to families and the new judicial norm of “guilty until proven innocent.”  The interview starts around 1:36 into the video. 

To see just my section of the interview please visit InfoWars.

Medical Kidnapping and CPS Update

Update with Northwest Liberty News regarding the corruption ongoing with CPS. 

CPS and Family Court Corruption

Watch as I interview with Northwest Liberty News regarding the corruption ongoing with CPS in Texas and nationwide. 

Dark to Light: Shining a Light on CPS

Northwest Liberty News hosted a 12 hour marathon regarding the corruption the fuels CPS. i was honored to be part of the movement started by this wonderful show. 

CPS and Child Trafficking

Interview with Big League Politics hosted on Patriot's Soapbox regarding CPS and trafficking of children. 

Caravan to Midnight Interview

To check out my interview with John B. Wells on Caravan to Midnight regarding CPS corruption and the need for investigation and reform nationwide, please click below. 


Featured News Stories


First Lady Honors Foster Care Children As Whistleblowers Expose Human Trafficking

Article by Patrick Howley from Big League Politics 

White House Petition Launched To Reform Child Protective Services As Whistleblowers Speak Out

Article by Patrick Howley from Big League Politics 

Article on Blunt Force Truth 

CPS: Pre-Crime Analytics, Private Profits, No Due Process

Article on Info Wars on the interview conducted on The David Knight Show. 

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